Manhattan Christian Fellowship Church

Seniors Pastors Manhattan Christian Fellowship Church


 Bishop Darryl R. Martin
 Bishop Darryl Martin is a native of Saginaw, Michigan is a veteran from 22 years of active-duty service in the United States Army.  During his time in the service, he accepted    the call to teach the Word of God.  Bishop Martin has pastored two churches oversees and two in the United States. After retiring from military service out of Ft. Riley in March   2000, he entered service as a full-time minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He and his wife are the founders and senior pastors of Manhattan Christian Fellowship Church.   Bishop Martin is also the founder of Willing Workers Body of Christian Churches. It is a network of churches of which provides apostolic leadership to various churches.

 Evangelist Regina Martin
 Evangelist Regina Martin is a native of Topeka, Kansas.  She has a strong passion and desire to see young hurting women delivered, saved, healed, and living to the fullest   extent of womanhood in Christ.  Together they love to enjoy studying God's word, fishing, camping, and family gatherings.